Mahamoudou Zoré

PhD student

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PhD topic

Rebuilding cities in the energy and environmental transition: the inclusion of generations into the urban cycles

The thesis proposes to analyze the conditions of the remobilization of neglected spaces in cities by taking into account the urban dynamics impulse by the location choices of households, in a context of socio-ecological transition. The first work consists of studying the relationship between urban expansion and the formation of vacant spaces. A review of the literature (synthesis or even meta-analysis), the integration of environmental determinants and an application to French urban areas are expected. In the second part, the role of the "generations" of housing (ante and post RT), the role of the "generations" of individuals and the role of the "generations" of use in these residential choices will be investigated. This will provide a better understanding of the determinants and conditions of demand. The empirical application will be applied to the urban areas of Burgundy - Franche-Comté. The third analysis of the thesis focuses on the supply side. On the supply side, the distribution of abandoned spaces as well as their availability for residential use are variable over time and within urbanized spaces. The points of view of the actors, public and private, involved in development operations can be revealed by methods of the Discrete Choice Experiments (DCE) type.

  • Director: Catherine Baumont, Université de Bourgogne, LEDI, Dijon, France
  • Co-advisor: Marjorie Tendero, ESSCA, UMR SMART, Angers, France
  • Co-director: Jean-Sauveur Ay, INRAE, UMR CESEAR, Dijon, France

Research topics

  • Urban Economy, Energy Transition
  • Development economics, Sustainable development
  • Applied Econometrics, DCE, Spatial econometrics

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