SMART research contributes to the analysis and evaluation of public policies applied to agriculture, the agri-food sector and the environment. In this way, research carried out in the two research axes feeds the training provided by the Economics Department of Instiut Agro Rennes-Angers

Teaching and research teams are indeed involved in two training programmes:

  • Engineering degree in Agroeconomics and Public Policies

    This training programme offers courses in economics applied to agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, the agri-food industry and regional development on land, at sea and on the coast. It provides the key to understanding, evaluating and contributing to the development of public policies related to production, environment and resources in a context of strong societal changes (climate issues, circular economy, agro-ecological development) at different levels: territorial, national and international
  • Master of Sciences in Applied Economics: Agriculture, Sea, Environment (E2AME-Agroéconomics)

    The Master of Sciences in Applied Economic: Agriculture, Sea, Environment,is offered jointly by Institut Agro and University of Bretagne Occidentale. The Master provides training in economic analysis applied to agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture, the environment, food chains and territories. It aims to develop skills in economic analysis and public and private regulatory tools that can be used to deal with access to resources, their exploitation, positive (amenities) and negative (pollution) externalities, economic activities that use natural resources in the production process (extraction, tourism, land, pollution, etc.)

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