Stéphane Turolla


Phone: +33 (0)2 23 48 54 00

Research topics

  • International Economics: Firm performances, Product quality, Consumer taste, Competitiveness, Food industry.
  • Industrial Organization: Supermarket industry, Spatial competition, Competition policy, Market power.

Selected recent publications

  • Bonein, A., Turolla., S., (2023).
    "Spatial Competition with Demand Uncertainty: A Laboratory Experiment".
    Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 32, pp.906-939.
  • Chambolle, C., Turolla, S., (2020).
    "La PAC et la répartition de la valeur », dans « Quelle politique agricole commune demain ?", Eds. C. Détang-Dessendre, H., Guyomard
    Editions QUAE, pp. 79-97.
  • Gaigné, C., Latouche, J., Turolla, S., (2018).
    "Vertical ownership and export performance: Firm-level evidence from the food industry".
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 100(1), pp.46-72.
  • Allain, M.-L., Chambolle, C., Turolla, S., Villas-Boas, S.B. (2017).
    "Retail mergers and food prices: Evidence from France".
    Journal of Industrial Economic, 65(3), pp.469-509.
  • Turolla, S., (2016).
    "Spatial competition in the French Supermarket Industry".
    Annals of Economics and Statistics, 121-122, pp.213-259.

Work in progress

  • Chemo Dzukou, K. R., Turolla, S. "How Taste, Quality and Costs Shape Export Success: Evidence from French Food Firms".
  • Gaigné, C., Turolla, S. "Market power and productivity of French food firms".

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