Konstantinos G. Syrengelas

Post Doctoral Researcher

Phone : +33 (0)2 23 48 54 05

Research topics

  • Trade integration and disintegration
  • Agri-food trade and animal diseases
  • Exchange rates, trade agreements and trade

Selected recent publications

  • De Long, K.L., Syrengelas, K.G., Grebitus, C. and Nayga, R.M. Jr. (2021).
    "Visual versus Text Attribute Representation in Choice Experiments".
    Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 94: 101729.
  • Syrengelas, K.G., De Long, K.L., Grebitus, C. and Nayga, R.M. Jr. (2018).
    "Is the Natural Label Misleading? Examining Consumer Preferences for Natural Beef."
    Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 40(3): 445-460.

Work in progress

  • Impact of Brexit on agri-food trade, focusing at the French and UK regional level (with Marilyne Huchet and Angela Cheptea)
  • Impact of NAFTA on members’ trade and global agri-food flows (with Charlotte Emlinger and Jason H. Grant)
  • Impact of animal diseases on the trade of animal-originating products (with Charlotte Emlinger and Jason H. Grant)

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