Esther Regnier


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Research topics

  • Environmental and natural resource economics
  • Ecological economics
  • Conservation policy analysis

Selected recent publications

  • Scemama, P., Regnier, E., Blanchard, F., & Thebaud, O. (2022).
    "Ecosystem Services Assessment for the Conservation of Mangroves in French Guiana Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping".
    Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 4.
  • M. Riekhof, E. Regnier, M. Quaas. (2018).
    "Economic growth, international trade, and the depletion or conservation of renewable natural resources". Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 97: 116-133.
  • E. Regnier, K. Schubert (2016).
    "To what extent is aquaculture socially beneficial?"
    The American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 99(1): 186-206.

Work in progress

  • Multi-species, multi-fleet sustainable exploitation scenarios in the Bay of Biscay, joint with L. Doyen
  • Survey to establish a typology of motivations and profiles of citizen volunteers engaging in participatory science programs related to coastal conservation.

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