Lanhezidou Pignan

PhD student


PhD topic

Strategic management of the patrimonial function of agricultural organizations with a case study of coffee sector in West African economic community.

Supported by the Industrial convention for training through research (Cifre) in partnership with Financière Saint Antoine SAS Lanhezidou Pignan’s doctoral research aims to study the socio-economic structure of coffee sector within the West African economic community. The work to be carried out during this study applies the theoretical framework of strategic management to agricultural organizations to analyze value chain organization, the steps and means of valuing West African coffee. This work will also analyze which one among public institutions, trade unions, collective or private organizations can best accompany this valuation to enable the coffee farmers to transform their work into sustainable economic values. The unity of this work will be organized around the patrimonial function of agricultural organizations given that the net export of coffee does no longer suffice to develop sustainable West African coffee sector, focused on the social and solidarity economy (SSE).


  • Damien ROUSSELIERE, INRAE, UMR SMART, 49045 Angers, France
  • Sandrine STERVINOU, AUDENCIA BUSINESS SCHOOL, 44312 Nantes, France

Research topics

  • Organisation, structures et performances
  • Alimentation : coordination des filières
  • Stratégie marketing : innovation Agro-Alimentaire

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