Laurent Piet

Research analyst

Phone: +33 (0)

 Research area

  • Farm size distribution and demography
  • Public policies impact on agricultural structures and structural change
  • Agricultural land market and land regulation

Selected recent publications

Work in progress

  • Concentration of the agricultural production in the EU: the two sides of a coin pdf
  • On the role of probability weighting on WTP for crop insurance with and without yield skewness (with D. Bougherara) pdf
  • The impact of environmental regulations on the farmland market and farm structures: An agent-based model applied to the Brittany region of France (with E. Letort, P. Dupraz) pdf
  • Assessing structural change in agriculture with a parametric Markov chain model. Illustrative applications to EU-15 and the USA pdf
  • Influence of agricultural support on sale prices of French farmland: a comparison of different subsidies, accounting for the role of environmental and land regulations (with L. Latruffe, P. Dupraz, C. Le Mouël) pdf
  • How the EU Single Farm Payment should be modelled: Lump-Sum Transfers, Area Payments or… what else? (with F. Courleux, H. Guyomard, F. Levert) pdf

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