Elodie Letort


Phone: +33 (0)2 23 48 54 01

Research topics :

  • Agricultural production microeconomics
  • Public economics applied to farm animal breeding
  • Environmental regulations analysis

Selected recent publications :

  • Bareille, F., Letort, E. (2018). forthcoming
    "How do farmers manage their crop biodiversity through time? A dynamic acreage allocation model with productive feedback,".
    the European Review of Agricultural Economics.
  • Gaigné, C., Letort, E. (2017)
    "Co-localisation des différentes productions animales en Europe: l’exception française? ".
    Productions animales, 30(3), 219-228.
  • Femenia, F., Letort, E. (2016).
    "How to achieve significant reduction in pesticide use? An empirical evaluation of the impacts of pesticide taxation associated with a change in cropping practice.".
    Ecological Economics, 125(C), 27-37.
  • Letort E., Temesgen C. (2014).
    "The influence of environmental policies on farmland prices in the Bretagne region of France".
    Review of Agricultural and Environmental Studies, n° spéciale "Economie de la Production" 95 (1), 77-109.
  • Carpentier A., Letort E. (2013).
    "Multicrop production models with multinomial logit acreage shares".
    Environmental and Resource Economics, doi: 10.1007/s10640-013-9748-6.
  • Carpentier A., Letort E. (2013).
    "Accounting for heterogeneity in multicrop micro-econometric models: implications for variables input modeling".
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 94, 209-224.

Work in progress :

  • Expertise dans le cadre de l’étude “4 pour 1000” (ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation)..
  • With Fezzi C. “Primal farm modelling with censored observations: an application to climate change impacts on agriculture and land use".

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