Karine Latouche

Senior Researcher

Phone : +33 (0)2 40 67 50 51

Coordinator of the H2020 BATModel project

Research topics 

  • Agri-food firm strategies and export performances
  • Voluntary quality certifications and international trade
  • Trade intermediaries

Selected recent publications

  • Duvaleix S., Emlinger C., Gaigné C., Latouche K. (2021-07).
    Geographical indications and trade: Firm-level evidence from the French cheese industry.
    Food Policy, 102.
  • Gaigné C., Latouche K., Turolla S. (2020).
    Compétitivité internationale du secteur agroalimentaire français. C’est quoi le problème?
    Annales des Mines (1947), réalités industrielles (Mai), 21-29.
  • Cheptea A., Emlinger C., Latouche K. (2019).
    Exporting firms and retail internationalization: Evidence from France.
    Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 28: 3, 561-582.
  • Gaigné C., Turolla S., Latouche K. (2018).
    Vertical ownership and export performance: firm-level evidence from the food industry.
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 100: 1, 46-72.
  • Cheptea A., Latouche K., Emlinger C. (2015).
    Multinational Retailers and Home Country Food Exports.
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97: 1, 159-179.
  • Latouche K., Chevassus-Lozza E. (2015).
    Retailer supply chain and market access: Evidence from French agri-food firms certified with private standards.
    World Economy, 38: 2, 1312-1334.

Work in progress

  • Quality, liability and intermediaries:  evidence from the French imports industry of fresh produce, avec Elodie Rouvière.
  • Product innovation and export strategy: An application to French dairy firms avec Kevin Randy Chemo Dzukou et Sabine Duvaleix-Tréguer.
  • Direct Effect of Reputation for a Fruit and Vegetable Product on African Exports to RASFF network countries avec Ousmane Z Traore et Lota Tamini.
  • Assessment of the role of BPI France aid on the performance of agri-food export companies with Carl Gaigné and Cécile le Roy.

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