Obafèmi Philippe Koutchade

Research analyst

Phone: +33 (0)2 23 48 56 03

Research topics

  • Applied micro-econometrics: Econometrics of panel data, discrete choices, and spatial.
  • Micro-economy of agricultural production.
  • Computational and Bayesian Statistics, and Machine Learning.

Selected recent publications

  • Koutchadé, O. P., Carpentier, A., & Femenia, F. (2020).
    "Modeling Corners, Kinks, and Jumps in Crop Acreage Choices: Impacts of the EU Support to Protein Crops.
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics.
  • Voltaire, L., & Koutchade, O. P. (2020).
    "Public acceptance of and heterogeneity in behavioral beach trip responses to offshore wind farm development in Catalonia (Spain)."
    Resource and Energy Economics, 60, 101152.
  • Koutchadé, O. P., Carpentier, A., & Femenia, F. (2018).
    "Modeling Heterogeneous Farm Responses to European Union Biofuel Support with a Random Parameter Multicrop Model"
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics.
  • Koutchadé, O. P. (2018).
    "Hétérogénéité inobservée et solutions en coin dans les modèles micro-économétriques de choix de production multiculture"
    Thèse de doctorat, Rennes, Agrocampus Ouest.

Work in progress

  • H2020 MIND STEP project "Modeling INdividual Decisions to Support the European Policies related to agriculture" in collaboration with Alain Carpentier, Fabienne Femenia and Elodie Letort.

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