Marilyne Huchet


Phone: + 33 (0)2 23 48 55 98


Research topics

  • Macroeconomic approach to food security
  • Agricultural and food Trade
  • European economic and trade integration

Selected recent publications

  • Cheptea A., Huchet M. (2020).
    "The competitiveness of French exports of animal products: a comparative analysis."
    Economie et prévision, n°217, 2020/1.
  • Cheptea A., Huchet M. (2019).
    "Will a No‐deal Brexit Disturb the EU‐UK Agri‐food Trade?"
    EuroChoices, 18 (2), août, 28-36.
  • Huchet-Bourdon M., Le Mouël, C., Vijil M. (2018).
    "The relationship between trade openness and economic growth: Some new insights on the openness measurement issue."
    The World Economy, 41 (1), 59–76.
  • Laroche-Dupraz C., Huchet-Bourdon M. (2016).
    "Agricultural support and vulnerability of food security to trade in developing countries."
    Food Security, 8, 1191-1206.
  • Ben Slimane M., Huchet-Bourdon M., Habib Zitouna H. (2016).
    "The role of sectoral FDI in promoting agricultural production and improving food security."
    International economics, 145, 50-65,

Work in progress

  • Brexit issues on agricultural and food trade
  • Glofoods INRA-CIRAD meta program "Study of transitions for global food security"

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