Carl Gaigné

Senior Researcher

Phone: +33 (0)2 23 48 56 08

Research topics

  • Globalization, trade, and the evolution of industry
  • Economic geography and environment
  • Organization, location and competitiveness

Recent publications

Work in progress

  • Who lives where in the city? Amenities, commuting and income sorting. with H. Koster, F. Moizeau & J. Thisse PDF
  • New Economic Geography and the City, à paraître dans le prochain The Handbook of Regional Science Springer, 2nd edition. avec Jacques Thisse PDF 
  • Do standards improve the quality of traded products? with A.-C. Disdier & C. Herghelegiu PDF
  • Geographical indications and trade: Firm-level evidence from the French cheese industry. with S. Duvaleix-Treguer, C. Emlinger & K. Latouche PDF
  • International trade and the eco-industry. Theory and evidence (avec L. Tamini) PDF
  • Producer organizations and economic performance of hog farms (avec S. Duvaleix-Tréguer)
  • Housing size restriction, carbon emissions, and welfare  (avec L. Denant-Boemont)

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