Fabienne Féménia


Phone: +33 (0)2 23 48 56 10

Research topics :

  • Micro economics of agricultural production
  • Crop production choices
  • Applied micro-econometrics

Selected recent publications :

  • Koutchadé, O.P., Carpentier, A., Femenia, F. (2020).
    "Modeling Corners, Kinks, and Jumps in Crop Acreage Choices: Impacts of the EU Support to Protein Crops".
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming.
  • Koutchadé, O.P., Carpentier, A., Femenia, F. (2018).
    "Modeling heterogeneous farm responses to European Union biofuel support with a random parameter multicrop model".
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 100(2), 434-455.
  • Femenia, F. Letort, E. (2016).
    "How to significantly reduce pesticide use : An empirical evaluation of the impacts of pesticide taxation associated with a change in cropping practice".
    Ecological Economics, 125, 27-37.
  •  Femenia, F. (2015)
    "The effects of direct storage subsidies under limited rationalit : a general equilibrium analysis".
    Agricultural Economics, 46 (6), 715-728.
  • Femenia, F., Gohin, A. (2013).
    "On the optimal timing of agricultural policy reform".
    Journal of Policy Modeling, 35 (1), 61-74.
  • Femenia, F., Gohin, A., Carpentier, A., (2010).
    "The decoupling of farm programs: Revisiting the wealth effect".
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 92(3), 836-848.

Work in progress :

  • With E. Letort : Farmers’ heterogeneous responses to price variations: Identification of dairy farms flexibility based on a panel smooth transition regression approach.
  • With J.P. Chavas and L. Latruffe : Responsiveness of farm investment to price changes: An empirical study of the French crop sector.
  • With A. Carpentier, A. Gohin and R. Sodjahin: Using farm accountancy data to estimate crop rotation effects.
  • With K.H. Dakpo: Estimating the technical efficiency of damage abatment inputs: an application to pesticides in France.

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