Sabine Duvaleix

Lecturer HDR

Phone: + 33 (0)2 23 48 53 93

Personal webpage on Agrocampus Ouest

Research topics

  • Vertical relationships in food chains, contracting, agricultural cooperatives, producer organizations
  • Quality, product differentiation, innovation

Selected recent publications

  • Candemir, A., Duvaleix, S., Latruffe, L. (2021)
    "Agricultural cooperatives and farm sustainability – A literature review."
     Journal of Economic Surveys Accepted
  • Duvaleix S., Lassalas M., Latruffe L., Konstantidelli V., Tzouramani I. (2020)
    "Adopting Environmentally Friendly Farming Practices and the Role of Quality Labels and Producer Organisations: A Qualitative Analysis Based on Two European Case Studies."
    Sustainability 12(24):10457
  • Duvaleix-Tréguer, S., Soler, L.-G. (2016)
    "Prescriptive labeling of food products: a suitable policy instrument?"
    Revue d'Economie Politique, 126(5):895-919
  • Duvaleix-Tréguer, S., Gaigné, C. (2016)
    "On the Nature and Magnitude of Cost Economies in Hog production."
    Agricultural Economics 47(4): 465-476

Work in progress

  • Product innovation and export strategy written with K. Latouche and K. R. Chemo-Dzukou
  • Vertical organisation of cooperatives and members’ performance:  an application to hog production written with C. Gaigné
  • Biodiversity preservation and environmental standards: Evidence from French wheat production, co-écrit avec M. Lassalas et L. Latruffe

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