Pierre Dupraz

Senior Researcher

Phone : +33 (0)2 23 48 56 06

Research topics

  • Farmers’ economic behaviour and production jointness
  • Agricultural, Climate and Environmental Policies and progress towards Agro-Ecology
  • Analysis and modeling of payments for environmental services

Selected recent publication

  • Osseni, A. F., Bareille, F., Dupraz, P. (2020).
    "Hedonic valuation of harmful algal bloom pollution: Why econometrics matters?"
    Land Use Policy [in Press]
  • Dupraz, P., Guyomard, H. (2019).
    "Environment and Climate in the Common Agricultural Policy."
    Eurochoices, 18, 18-25.
  • Dumont, B., Ryschawy, J., Duru, M., Benoit, M., Chatellier, V., Delaby, L., Donnars, C., Dupraz, P., Lavenant, S., Méda, B., Vollet, D., Sabatier, R. (2019).
    "Associations among goods, impacts and ecosystem services provided by livestock farming."
    Animal, 13 (8), 1773-1784.
  • Issanchou, A., Daniel, K., Dupraz, P., Ropars-Collet, C. (2019).
    "Intertemporal soil management: revisiting the shape of the crop production function."
    Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 62(11), 1845-1863.
  • Pellerin, S. (Auteur de correspondance), Bamière, L., Angers, D., Béline, F., Benoit, M., Butault, J.-P., Chenu, C., Colnenne- David, C., De Cara, S., Delame, N., Doreau, M., Dupraz, P., Faverdin, P., Garcia-Launay, F., Hassouna, M., Hénault, C., Jeuffroy, M.-H., Klumpp, K., Metay, A., Moran, D., Recous, S., Samson, E., Savini, I., Pardon, L., Chemineau, P. (2017).
    "Identifying cost-competitive greenhouse gas mitigation potential of French agriculture."
    Environmental Science and Policy, 77, 130-139.
  • Westerink, J., Jongeneel, R., Polman, N., Prager, K., Franks, J., Dupraz, P., & Mettepenningen, E. (2017).
    "Collaborative governance arrangements to deliver spatially coordinated agri-environmental management."
    Land Use Policy, 69, 176- 192.

Work in progress

  • Research projects
    • H2020 CONSOLE: CONtract SOLutions for Effective and lasting delivery of agri-environmental-climate public goods by EU agriculture and forestry (2019-2022), coordinated by Davide Viaggi, Bologna U. (Italy) gathers 24 partners from 13 countries. This multi-actor project includes non-academic partners.
    • LabPSE means « Experiment the implementation of payments for environmental services » (2019 – 2022). It is a participative research project co-financed by the French National Agency for the Energy and the Environment (ADEME), the French Ministry of Agriculture and "Fondation de France".
    • ANR SoilServ: Multi-scale assessment of soil ecosystem services in agroecosystems (2017-2020), coordinated by Christian Walter (Agrocampus Ouest) is a multidisciplinary research project, financed by the French National Agency for Research (ANR-16-CE32-0005).
  • Scientific and partnership animation:
    • Deputy head of the INRAE EcoSocio Division (Economics and Social Sciences for Agriculture, Food and Environment)
    • Deputy Director of the Group of Scientific Interest “Avenir Elevages”, a National partnership of universities, research and technical institutes, Chambers of Agriculture and various professional organizations interested in livestock productions, technologies and societal impacts.
  • Expertise and support for public decision
    • Common agricultural policy (CAP): support for the evaluation of rural development measures (RDR): Support for the definition of the National Strategic Plan (PSN)
    • Support for the development of payments for environmental services.


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