Angela Cheptea


Phone : +33 (0)2 23 48 53 97

Research topics  

  • Globalization, international trade, competitiveness 
  • Trade costs and barriers, trade policies
  • Multinational retailers and global value chains

Selected recent publications 

Work in progress

  • Agbenkponou, K.-M., Cheptea, A., Latouche, K. "Quality upgrading and position in global value chains."
  • Agbenkponou, K.-M., Cheptea, A., Latouche, K. "Retailer suppliers and global value chains in the agri-food sector."
  • Cheptea, A., Huchet, M., Syrengelas, K. "Brexit trade impact at regional level."
  • Matei, I., Cheptea, A. "Does political instability matter for sovereign yield spreads in the Euro area market?"

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