Stéphane Turolla


Phone: +33 (0)2 23 48 54 00

Research topics

  • International Trade: Export decision, Firm heterogeneity, Multiproduct firms, Intermediaries
  • Industrial organization: Supermarket industry, Spatial competition, Zoning regulation, Consumer behavior
  • Microeconometrics: Discrete choice model, Structural model, Dynamic choices

Selected recent publications

  • Allain, M.-L., Chambolle, C., Turolla, S. and Villas-Boas, S. B. (2016).
    "Retail Mergers and Food Prices".
    Journal of Industrial Economics, (coming soon).
  • Turolla, S. (2016).
    "Spatial Competition in the French Supermarket Industry".
    Annals of Economics and Statistics, 121/122, pp.213-259.
  • Allain, M.-L., Chambolle, C. and Turolla, S. (2016),
    "Politique tarifaire locale ou nationale : Quel impact pour le contrôle des concentrations dans le secteur de la distribution".
    Revue Economique, 63, pp.53-67.
  • Le Roy, C., Gaigné, C., Harel, M.,  Latouche, K. and Turolla, S. (2014).
    "Nomenclature de produits et concordance dans le temps. Procédure de correction et analyses de sensibilité".
    Economie Rurale, 343, pp.87-102.
  • Bonein, A. and Turolla, S. (2009).
    "Sequential Location under one-sided Demand Uncertainty"
    Research in Economics, 63(3), pp.145-159.
  • Bougette, P. and Turolla, S. (2008).
    "Market Structures, Political Surroundings, and Merger Remedies: An Empirical Investigation of the EC’s decisions".
    European Journal of Law and Economics, 25(2), pp.125-150.

Work in progress

  • "Vertical Ownership and Trade: Firm-Level Evidence from France", with C. Gaigné and K. Latouche (WP SMART-LERECO 15-07, under revision at American Journal of Agricultural Economics).
  • "Spatial Competition with Demand Uncertainty: A Laboratory Experiment", with A. Bonein.
  • "On the destination-product strategies of exporter : Evidence from the French food industry", with C. Gaigné and K. Latouche.
  • "Gatekeepers to Food Markets: How Retailers Affect Firms’ Export Margins", with C. Gaigné and K. Latouche.
  • "Market power and productivity of French food firms", with C. Gaigné.
  • "Cost-based competence vs. quality-based competence in the food industry", with C. Gaigné.

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