Our appearances

SMART at the XVIIth EAAE Congress

Our appearances

Scientists from SMART will have a strong presence at the XVII EAAE Congress to be held from August 29 to September 1, 2023 in Rennes.

As organizer of the event, SMART will be heavily involved in the Congress, with the following 32 presentations (authors from SMART appear in bold):

  • Will The New Common Agricultural Policy Be Greener? The Case of France (M. Lassalas, H. Guyomard, V. Chatellier, C. Détang-Dessendre, P. Dupraz)
  • Upscaling environmental incentives in the Common Agricultural Policy: an ex-ante evaluation method applied with the Farm Accountancy Data Network (F. Le Gloux, P. Dupraz)
  • Accounting for Latent Cropping Management Practices Choices in Crop Production Models: a Random Parameter Hidden Markov Model Approach (E. Devilliers, P. Koutchadé, A. Carpentier)
  • Determinants of Biosecurity Adoption: Evidence of Spillover Effects in a Spatial Autoregressive Multivariate Probit (A. Rault, P. Koutchadé, A. Osseni)
  • Variable Input Allocation Among Crops: A Time-Varying Random Parameters Approach (P. Koutchade, A. Carpentier, F. Féménia)
  • Using Farm Cost Accounting Data To Estimate Crop Rotation Effects: An Approach Based On a Smooth Mathematical Program with Equilibrium Constraints (I. Sodjahin, F. Femenia, A. Carpentier, A. Gohin)
  • A Tax-and-Refund System for Reducing Pesticide Use in EU Agriculture: Promising Simulation Results for the French Arable Crop Sector (A. Carpentier, F. Femenia, P. Koutchadé, H. Guyomard)
  • Exploring The Effects Of Urban Growth On Farmland Prices: An Agent-Based Model Approach (M. Fromage, L. Piet)
  • Adding mirror clauses within the European Green Deal: Hype or hope? (A. Gohin, A. Matthews)
  • The Capitalisation Of Agricultural Income And The Creation Of Professional Agricultural Assets (P. Jeanneaux, L. Piet)
  • Ex ante Evaluation of Banning Glyphosate in Field Crops : A Scenario based approach (A. Fadhuile, A. Carpentier)
  • When Quality Management Helps Agri-food Firms to Export (C. Emlinger, K. Latouche)
  • Exporting and Firm Performance: Evidence from the French Food Processing Industry (K. R. Chemo Dzukou, M. Vancauteren)
  • Impact Of Climatic Risk On Farm Credit Default (G. Bagnarosa)
  • Revisiting The Economic And Behavioral Drivers of Farmers’ Pesticide Uses Based On Prospect Theory (A. Carpentier, X. Reboud)
  • Distortion Of Competition On The European Market: A Brake On The Exit Of Pesticides In Europe? The Case Of Neonicotinoids (C. Laroche Dupraz, C. Ropars)
  • Brexit’s Trade Impacts at Regional Level: The Case of French and U.K. Regions (K. Syrengelas, A. Cheptea, M. Huchet)
  • The Economic Performance of Transitional and Nontransitional French Organic Dairy Farms: a Diff-in-diff Analysis with Panel Data (E. Letort, A. Ridier)
  • Pesticides Efficiency of French Wheat Producers Under a Stochastic Frontier Framework (K H. Dakpo, F. Femenia)
  • Investigating the Impacts of Climate-Induced Land Use Change on the Value of Farmland (M. Fromage, S. Huettel, L. Piet)
  • Investment In Digital Tools In Farm: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis (M. Ben Jaballah, M. Ghali, N. Ben Arfa, G. Kleftodimos, K. Daniel, A. Ridier)
  • Towards Understanding Price Formation in Agricultural Commodities Markets: Structural Changes and Statistical Causal Relationships Driven by Public News Sentiment (I. Chalkiadakis, G. W. Peters, G. Bagnarosa, A. Gohin)
  • How Taste, Quality and Costs Shape Export Success: Evidence from French Food Firms (K. R. Chemo-Dzukou, S. Turolla)
  • Revealing The Cost Of Environmental Services In Dairy Farms (K. Dzegle, A. Ridier)
  • Protection of Geographical Indications in Trade Agreements: is it worth it? (C. Emlinger, K. Latouche)
  • Choice Experiment to Assess Dairy Farmers' Preferences for Pesticide Reduction: Does Labour Matter? (J. Denantes, A. Ridier, C. Ropars-Collet, M. Carof, A.-L. Jacquot)
  • Assessment of Consumer Preferences in the Context of Multiple Labels: the Case of FAPs (J.-F. Dewals, S. Lucas, F. Daures, P. Le Floc'h)
  • Adoption of Environmental Contracts and Farms’ Productivity: An Insight Through the Adoption of Agri-Environmental Schemes (AES) and Organic Certification (M. Lassalas, A. Plastina, S. H. Lence)
  • The Role of Storage in Commodity Markets: Indirect Inference Based on Grains Data (C. Gouel, N. Legrand)
  • Impacts Of Low Pesticides Practices On Farmers’ Crop Production Decision: Estimation Based On Observed French Data (A. Fadhuile, F. Femenia, E. Letort)
  • Quality Upgrading And Position In Global Value Chain: Firm-level Evidence From The French Agri-food Industry (K. M. Agbekponou, A. Cheptea, K. Latouche)
  • Combining Scenario Planning, Identification of Research Gaps and Backcasting for Building Normative Future: The Example of the Foresight on Pesticide-free Agriculture in Europe in 2050 (O. Mora, C. Meunier, J.-A. Berne, J.-L. Drouet, C. Le Mouël)

In addition to these presentations, researchers from SMART will chair or discuss the following organized sessions:

  • Agri-food Trade, Nontariff Measures and Certification (K. Latouche, chair)
  • Economic Tools For The Transition To Pesticide-free Agriculture: Insights Into French Agriculture (A. Carpentier, co-chair)
  • Firms’ Performance Measures And Their International Trade Behavior: Evidence From The EU Agri-Food Sector (K. Latouche, discussant)
  • Money for Nothing? Integrating Resultbased Approaches To Improve the Efficiency of Agri-Environment Schemes – A Critical View! (P. Dupraz, discussant)

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